Lucia Volentieri Premio Artigiano OMA 2021 - Chianti Sette

Premio "Artigiano OMA 2021" a Lucia Volentieri

Lucia Volentieri tra le migliori artigiane d'Italia

Pubblicato: Novembre 2021

Lucia Volentieri ha ricevuto il prestigioso premio al talento e alla produzione di qualità "Artigiano OMA 2021."

Lucia Volentieri Premio Artigiano OMA 2021 - Chianti Sette

Lucia Volentieri - New York Times

Da un articolo del "New York Times"

36 Hours in Chianti, Italy: There's made-to-measure fashion, new standout architecture and contemporary art worth a detour.


Published: November 15, 2013

Stretching between Florence and Siena in the heart of Tuscany, the Chianti wine region is the romanticized Italy of daydreams: terra-cotta-roofed towns, wine-soaked dinners and vineyards stitching sun-dappled hillsides. But hidden amid Chianti's winding roads and rolling hills are some surprisingly modern attractions. There's made-to-measure fashion, new standout architecture, and contemporary art worth a detour. Certainly, there are copious amounts of red wine waiting to be drunk, but don't expect kitschy straw-wrapped bottles or pizza-parlor reds. Today Chianti vintners are producing excellent, nuanced wines that are worthy of these scenic surroundings...

Handmade Treats

The village of Castellina in Chianti is a lovely hilltop maze of terra-cotta and stone, complete with a long vaulted passageway that tunnels through the medieval town walls. But the town is also home to L'Antica Delizia, a gelateria that is among the finest in Tuscany. At this family-run shop, choose among flavors that often include imaginative offerings like ricotta-and-pear or dark-chocolate-ginger. Then take your treat on a stroll to the nearby showroom of Lucia Volentieri, a Tuscan artist whose varied oeuvre includes iron sculptures, pastel-hued watercolors and delicate bas-relief ceramics. If the shop is open (hours vary), admire the detailed pieces up close; otherwise settle for marveling through the large windows.

source: The New York Times

Dove - Corriere della sera


Published: marzo 2016

Arte e artigianato si sposano benissimo con il vino. Tra le colline del Chianti Classico le botteghe di artigiani/artisti si sprecano. Tra quelle da visitare, l’atelier di Lucia Volentieri a Castellina in Chianti: Lucia realizza anche i Paesaggi Modulari, piccoli cubi in ceramica decorati con dettagli del mondo rurale: cipressi, casali, sentieri… da comporre e ricomporre a piacere.

source: Dove Viaggi del Corriere