Premio "Artigiano OMA 2021" to Lucia Volentieri

Lucia Volentieri is among the finest artisans in Italy

Published: November 2021

Lucia Volentieri's workshop has received the prestigious “Artigiano Oma 2021” award for talent and hight-quality production


Lucia Volentieri - New York Times

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36 Hours in Chianti, Italy: There's made-to-measure fashion, new standout architecture and contemporary art worth a detour.


Published: November 15, 2013

Stretching between Florence and Siena in the heart of Tuscany, the Chianti wine region is the romanticized Italy of daydreams: terra-cotta-roofed towns, wine-soaked dinners and vineyards stitching sun-dappled hillsides. But hidden amid Chianti's winding roads and rolling hills are some surprisingly modern attractions. There's made-to-measure fashion, new standout architecture, and contemporary art worth a detour. Certainly, there are copious amounts of red wine waiting to be drunk, but don't expect kitschy straw-wrapped bottles or pizza-parlor reds. Today Chianti vintners are producing excellent, nuanced wines that are worthy of these scenic surroundings...

Handmade Treats

The village of Castellina in Chianti is a lovely hilltop maze of terra-cotta and stone, complete with a long vaulted passageway that tunnels through the medieval town walls. But the town is also home to L'Antica Delizia, a gelateria that is among the finest in Tuscany. At this family-run shop, choose among flavors that often include imaginative offerings like ricotta-and-pear or dark-chocolate-ginger. Then take your treat on a stroll to the nearby showroom of Lucia Volentieri, a Tuscan artist whose varied oeuvre includes iron sculptures, pastel-hued watercolors and delicate bas-relief ceramics. If the shop is open (hours vary), admire the detailed pieces up close; otherwise settle for marveling through the large windows.

source: The New York Times

Dove - Corriere della sera


Published: March 2016

Art and crafts go hand in hand with wine. The workshops of artisans and artists abound among the Chianti Classico hills. One of those worth visiting is Lucia Volentieri's atelier in Castellina in Chianti: Lucia also creates Modular Landscapes, small ceramic cubes decorated with details of the rural world: cypresses, farmhouses, trails... to be composed and recomposed at will.

source: Dove Viaggi del Corriere